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Bot Boxer Tips and Tricks: Zombie Attack

Bot Boxer Tips and Tricks: Zombie Attack

Welcome back to the second installment of Bot Boxer Tips and Tricks. Today, let’s walk through the game mode Zombie Attack and some ways to improve your score!

Set Up

One of the foundational steps in improving your score for any mode is to have a good set up. First, ensure your gloves are on tight but not uncomfortable. These will help protect your hands and ensure you can last the whole round. Second, take an athletic stance. Feet offset slightly with one foot in front of the other, a bit more than shoulder width apart. Finally, position next to the Bot Boxer, but not right in front of it. There is a limited range at which the Bot Boxer can hit you, take advantage of this by positioning slightly out of range where you can still be ready to strike.

The Attack Begins

The zombies are here! What do you do now? First, let’s walk through the mode and how it runs. Zombie Attack pits you against multiple zombie attackers, each more powerful than the last. At the beginning, the zombies are slow and don’t have much health. However, as you progress, the zombies become more and more difficult to take down.

The first couple zombies are slow. Both their dodges and attacks are much easier to deal with. Try to use combos to progress quickly through them. However, be careful to dodge their attacks, while it may not seem important at first, you need as much health as you can get later down the line.

Attack fast! Speed is more important than strength. Use speed to strike quickly before they can dodge and then quickly back out before they counter. Try to position just outside of their range in order to maximize your opportunities to get in a strike.

Mix up your attacks! The Bot Boxer uses machine learning to identify when you are attacking and also when it should attack. Utilize fakes, combos, and different strikes to maximize the chances of a solid hit. The best time to attack the bot is right after it attacks you. Use fakes to bait out an attack and counter!

Patience is key! You have three minutes to get as many points as possible. Don’t rush your attacks or accidentally get KO’d early. Points are accumulated for each hit, not for how strong the hit is. Play it smart, take calculated risks, and last until the end to maximize your score.

Wrap Up

You’re done! You have outlasted the zombie hoard and live to fight another day. Congratulations! Now is the time to rehydrate, take some deep breaths, and hold your head high. Even if you didn’t perform how you wanted, you still put in the work and that is what’s important. Keep grinding and the results will come!

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By Jacob Smith

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