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Healthy Workforce. Healthy Results.

We believe that your employees should have access to world-class fitness experiences so they can operate at the highest level. By staying active outside of the office, your team can stay healthy throughout the year. With better health, comes improved immunity, higher energy and less stress which increases overall productivity.
Healthier Workforce

Our Corporate Wellness Solutions

Our gamified circuit training programs are designed to help your employees stay on top of their fitness goals while having a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience. Get ready to take your corporate wellness to the next level!
A corporate partnership with thrivXR boosts retention, engagement and job satisfaction while reducing absenteeism. As you are aware, healthier employees have fewer medical expenses which goes a long way towards lowering your healthcare costs.
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In 2021, the US spent $4.3 trillion on healthcare.
Companies spend roughly $12,914 on healthcare benefits per employee on average.
US healthcare expenditure is expected to rise by 5.6% through 2023.

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For Your Company

Here are just a few of the ways your organization can benefit from a thrivXR Corporate Partnership.
Lower Healthcare Costs: Healthier employees. Fewer medical bills.
Recruit & Retain Top Talent: Outperform for your employees so they outperform for you.
Customized Team Building: Connect with your teams on a deeper level.
Turnkey Administration: We offer easy online enrollment and monthly electronic reporting.
Subsidy Matching: We will match a portion of your corporate investment for your employees.

For your Employees

Your workforce will experience better health outcomes and thrive in their organizational roles because of it.
Reduced Dues: Enrollees will enjoy this cost-saving benefit every month.
Exclusive Training Discounts: Free private consultation + workout and discounts on personal training plans.
Industry Event Access: Special access to networking events and vendor parties.
Elevated Mindset: Your team will develop the attitude they need to win each day!

have Fun, get results

Have Fun Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life!
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