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Discover The Right Journey For You

Speak with one of our coaching experts to determine the right Journey for you before your Quest. The Journey is a 1-hour private, individualized consultation and fitness assessment to better understand your goals, interests and lifestyle.
You will experience five modalities including:
Discover how to EAT FOR YOU by setting safe and effective macronutrient goals. Applied knowledge is power, and we’ll take you through a calorie-by-calorie nutrition plan that fits your new active lifestyle.
Develop an effective cardiovascular plan to MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS to get the most out of every workout. Find your zone with our effort-based training, burn more calories, and enhance your endurance by pushing past your limits.
Strength Training
Perform six basic bodyweight exercises to determine your movement efficiency. Build muscular strength and BURN FAT while toning your legs, arms, glutes, back, and core all at once.
Mobility & Flexibility
Your coach will help UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL through recovery, mobility, and flexibility in your Journey. Experience the benefits of our blended approach to wellness.
Core Stability
The center of every movement is the core. POWER UP this muscle group to promote good posture, improve balance, increase stability, protect your organs, strengthen your spine, and make everyday life easier.

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