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BotBoxer Tips and Tricks: WBL Champion

Welcome to the first installment of BotBoxer Tips and Tricks! Today, we will be learning about the BotBoxer mode WBL Champion and some ways to improve your score!

Set Up

One of the foundational steps in improving your score for any mode is to have a good set up. First, ensure your gloves are on tight but not uncomfortable. These will help protect your hands and ensure you can last the whole round. Second, take an athletic stance. Feet offset slightly with one foot in front of the other, a bit more than shoulder width apart. Finally, position next to the BotBoxer, but not right in front of it. There is a limited range at which the BotBoxer can hit you, take advantage of this by positioning slightly out of range where you can still be ready to strike.

In the Ring

So you have a good foundation, what now? Once the game begins, you’re off! Monitor your breathing and tiredness. If you get too tired, you may not be able to dodge punches or move in fast enough to strike. You only have a few minutes, so make them count and push through until the very end!

Start strong! Use heavy punches to do a lot of damage early on. Don’t worry if you take a few shots yourself. Your health is a resource, treat it as such. Instead, focus on getting the champion to low health as quickly as possible. You are looking for the words “Knock Him Out!” to appear in its health bar. At this point, he dodges less and his health won’t regenerate as long as you keep attacking. This is exactly where you want to be.

Mix up your attacks to confuse the AI. The BotBoxer uses machine learning to identify when you are attacking and also when it should attack. Utilize fakes, combos, and different strikes to maximize the chances of a solid hit. The best time to attack the bot is right after it attacks you. Use fakes to bait out an attack and counter!

Finally, have patience! Points are accumulated from having more strikes, not from getting a KO earlier. Rather than going for an early knock out, take your time and only finish him off in the last few seconds. Be warned! The champion does regenerate health so if you’re not careful, he may just outlast you if you don’t knock his health down far enough!

Wrap Up

Congrats, you’re done! You finished your round against the WBL Champion and maybe you just set a new high score. Now, take a breather, rehydrate, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Keep at it! Even if you didn’t perform as well as you would’ve liked, the only way to improve is to practice and keep grinding. Good luck out there!

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by Jacob Smith

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