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Day One of XR Workouts

One of the most common type of questions we get here at thrivXR is what is it like? People want to know what the workouts actually look like, how the machines feel, and overall just more about the atmosphere we have here at thrivXR. Today, I will be going over my day one experiences working out at thrivXR and discussing my overall impressions of each machine I used.

Part One: Nexersys XR Kickboxing

For my very first workout at thrivXR, I started on the Nexersys. The Nexersys is an XR kickboxing machine that focuses on explosive force and cardio training. While it’s five targets were initially a bit intimidating, once I started it up and the virtual instructor began talking me through the exercises, it became much more simplified. From there, I was off!

For this first workout, I chose to do the cardio mode, a short but high intensity workout designed to work out your entire body. While very tiring, I was able to slow myself down and found that it was much more self-paced than I originally thought. By slowing down, I was able to comfortably use the machine in a way that matched my personal level of fitness and still got a great workout.

Part Two: Icaros XR Flying Yoga

For the next part of my workout, I chose to experiment with what ended up being one of my favorite machines, the Icaros Flyer. The Icaros Flyer is an XR flying yoga machine that really helps develop core strength and stability. After loading in and putting on the headset, it was surprising how immersive the experience was from start to finish.

The Icaros Flyer comes with a few different modes that allow you to experience things like flying and scuba diving. However, for my first day I stuck with just two in the scuba diving category, explore and protect. Explore was a great starting place. It allowed me to get a good feel for how to move the machine and control my character under water. All the while, I was focused on taking pictures of marine life, not even noticing the workout I was getting.

However, it was when I started the protect mode that the pressure started rising. In the protect mode, you might fight a submarine, dodging torpedoes and firing back, eventually doing enough damage in order to win. This high degree of pressure really helped me push myself as I was immersed in the game, no longer worried about the work out itself. With both of these modes as well as many others, the Icaros Flyers are definitely on the top of my list.

Part Three: BotBoxer XR Boxing

For the final machine of my circuit, I was on the BotBoxer, an XR boxing machine that uses AI and machine learning to know when to strike and also when to dodge your punches. While I was already pretty tired from the other two machines, the BotBoxer was a great way to end it with its engaging game play and ability to match the user’s skill level.

While the BotBoxer has multiple game modes, I chose Zombie Attack and I am glad I did. Not only was this mode a great workout, dodging zombie attacks while also timing your own strikes to try and knock them out, it has short breaks between zombies, perfect for helping you push through until the very end. As I defeated more and more zombies, their attacks got faster and their dodges got more accurate, matching my skill level and providing a challenging competitive experience. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, I got a great workout at thrivXR and had a ton of fun doing it. By the end, I was sweating a ton and very tired, but already excited to do more. If you are looking for a great workout that can be done in a short period of time, I highly recommend thrivXR. The immersive and engaging gameplay really enhance the workout you get and help you achieve your fitness goals. If you are interested in coming to check the club out for yourself, schedule your exclusive membership tour soon! We only have limited spots so make sure you set up your tour and become one of the first people to experience thrivXR!

by Jacob Smith

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