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Mind to Muscle Connection

Mind To Muscle Connection

What is HIIT?

For those that don’t know, HIIT workouts are characterized by short bursts of intense exercises followed by brief recovery periods. When it comes to these types of workouts, the mind-to- muscle connection is a crucial component in making your sessions more efficient and effective. This refers to your body’s ability to consciously activate whatever specific muscle group we are working on. This connection is not solely limited to working out but also plays a significant role in injury prevention, muscle growth, and overall mind-body awareness.

Connect the brain

During HIIT sessions, focusing on the mind to muscle connection helps ensure that you are using proper technique allowing the intended muscles to be fully engaged during each movement. For example, the Icaros allows us to be in a fully immersive experience while making us focus on our core to control the movement on the screen/headset. Essentially activating our abs and obliques for directional purposes and squeezing our glutes for stabilization. The heightened awareness allows for a more controlled range of motion minimizing the chances of strain or imbalance.


Since HIIT exercises typically involve compound movements that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, it becomes crucial to engage each muscle group effectively. Concentrating on a certain muscle group strengthens those neural pathways between your brain and muscles. The fibers in your muscles have an increase in hypertrophy (increase in muscle cells) and this will maximize strength gains over time. By cementing this connection, you can overcome plateaus and continually challenge your muscles to adapt and grow.

Dig DEEP and you WILL find it

HIIT workouts are typically known for their demanding and intense nature and maintaining mental focus and motivation throughout the session. By staying connected mentally, you tap into a deeper level of mental engagement pushing you through mental fatigue and discomfort. This heightened awareness can help you allows you to develop a deeper awareness for your body and its capabilities. This mind-body connection can extend beyond the gym, such as stress management and emotional well-being. So, the next time you decide to get active, remember to harness the power of your mind-to-muscle connection for a more productive and rewarding workout experience.

-Michael Tapia

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