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Omni Arena Tips and Tricks: Blackbeard

Omni Arena Tips and Tricks: Blackbeard

Welcome! This is the first installment of our Omni Arena Tips and Tricks series. Today, we will be going over Blackbeard: Trials of Skull Island and provide some useful insight that is sure to help you improve your score!

Set Up

While the staff should help you with getting set up, there are a couple things you can do to improve your experience while in the Omni Arena. First, ensure you pick the appropriate height, waist size, and shoe size. These are important so that you can get the right foundation with the correct equipment. Second, make sure your harness is tightened firmly around you. If it is loose, you may have some wiggle room in the harness, making it difficult to turn and move freely. Make sure it is snug so that when you run, turn, crouch, and lean, it will move with you and provide the best experience.

Land Ho!

You’re on the island! Now is the time to plunder and pillage and prove yourself a legend of the high seas. Let’s discuss the four different rounds and some pointers for each.

Round One: Free Roam

This is the first of two free roam modes. Players must run around to collect treasure and kill skeletons to gain points. 

Upgrades for your gun lie around the island! Don’t go out of your way for these, but a pick up on your way can be helpful in securing a few more points.

Focus on shooting treasure maps! While often hidden, these give you quite a few points and are key in achieving a high score. Make sure you look in the water, up high, and on far away islands in order to find all of the maps!

Keep moving forward! Don’t get too focused on grabbing every piece of treasure in an area. Slowing down like this will hinder progress and prevent you from getting the big ticket items like treasure maps and chests.

Don’t get hit! Being hit by skeleton attacks will reduce your score. Make sure you take them out early to prevent any surprise attacks.

Round Two: Harpoons

Harpoons is a game mode that focuses on aim and target priority. Understand point values to ensure you grab the high value items first.

Treasure maps galore! This mode had six treasure maps but they are not so easy to find. They will often be hidden behind objects, under water, or far away. Find these quickly to get a good number of points.

Defeat the skeletons! Two skeletons will spawn in the round and attempt to steal your loot. Grab exploding barrels and then shoot them back at the skeletons to defeat them.

Use two hands! Since only your right hand has a harpoon, use your second hand to steady your aim and hit more shots!

Round Three: Runes

A unique game mode, Runes utilizes very different game mechanics from the other modes. Essentially a timed puzzle mode, Runes presents each player with a set of runes they can interact with. A “code” will appear in front of all players. To unlock each chest, players must hit the correct symbols in order, often taking turns as each player has different symbols. Three chests in total correspond to three codes.

Memorize your symbols! The most important thing is knowing what symbols you have and where they are. Not knowing will slow you and your team down, making it difficult to complete the code.

Communicate! Using frequent and direct communication can improve the speed at which you complete the code and improves your chances of getting a high score.

Be fast! Each round of Runes gives you less time to solve the code as well as more symbols. Round three is especially difficult. With only ten seconds, solving the code requires teamwork and skill.

Round Four: Free Roam + Blackbeard

And here we are, the final challenge on your quest to become a pirate legend. This final round, while very similar to the first, has a key difference, Blackbeard. Blackbeard is a powerful opponent that can do ranged and melee attacks. He has a large amount of health and when taking enough hits, can disappear in a puff of smoke.

Follow the free roam tips above! Focusing on high value items and being quick to progress forward will be beneficial in this round as well.

Keep shooting Blackbeard! He is worth a staggering 15,000 points, equivalent to six treasure maps. When he takes damage, he will be stunned, no longer attacking you or your teammates. Piling on damage by using coordinated attacks with your team is sure to take Blackbeard down quickly and help you achieve a high score.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You have become a pirate legend! Keep practicing to improve your score and cement your legacy. Staff will help you exit the arena. Make sure to take a deep breath and grab some water to stay hydrated! Not every run will be a high score but keep practicing and results will follow!

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By Jacob Smith

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