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Personal Experiences at thrivXR- Tap

I’ve lifted weights my whole life, been active in sports, and definitely not scared to try new ways of fitness as the industry is forever evolving. I’ve been at thrivXR for 3 days and it’s opened my eyes to what’s next for fitness. I come into work, clock in, and explore what each different machine has to offer. The Icaros is a fully automated plank/ yoga machine that takes you on an underwater adventure or a freefall through the sky as were engaging our core and burning fat as our muscles are being put to work. Frankly I’m not someone who focuses on abs as I work them during my compound movements, but I honestly forget that it’s what I’m doing. I’ve used it a handful of times and every time I’m done using it my abs are on fire; turning a 30 min ab session into 5-10 mins.

From there I go over to my personal favorite machine “The Bot Boxer” which turns into a butt whooping not only for the machine, but mostly me as I’m gassed towards the end of it. A quick warmup before gets the arms loose and the blood flowing and after 15 mins I’m ready to face a zombie attack or beat up a boxer in the same session. The bot boxer is a combat training device used by professionals and your daily enthusiasts where AI Technology meets fitness. This machine has sensors that will read your movements and as you progress in skill level, the machine will do the same. The sensors also read power, direction, and accuracy so it gives me in- time statistics of my punches/ workout. By the end of the workout, I’m drenched. The “Bot Boxer” has become my nemesis as there’s times where I swing and miss making me almost throw my arm out, But I love it.

When I think of HIIT I think of CrossFit, circuit weightlifting, or burpees which I hate. But walking into thrivXR and understanding the concept of gaming meeting fitness, I see the vision. There’s a whole movement into AI Technology and thrivXR is leading the way. As we move forward into the future, I realize that there’s 3 things certain: death, taxes, and technology taking over. In today’s day and age, a lot of people want their time and to be convenience- Not make life hard. Everyone wants to lose weight and build muscle and for it to happen fast. Like everything else in life it’s a process. Jeff Cunningham said it best but “it’s better to be consistently good, rather than occasionally great.” We believe in attraction and magnetism. Because what you put into this world is what you’ll get back. Here at thrivXR we want to give you your time, help you lose weight, while having fun doing so. How can all that happen? By gamifying fitness.

– Michael Tapia

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