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Ready or not here we come!

Fitness and gamer enthusiast rejoice! The day is here and the thrivXR team couldn’t be more excited to host our pre-launch block party! This highly anticipated event will bring food trucks, a live DJ, and a complimentary club circuit to create an unforgettable experience.

Have you ever boxed a zombie, skydived and planked out of a plane, or got your cardio by chasing and shooting a pirate? Led by our player coaches, the circuit combines a variety of exercises and activities designed to get your heart pumping and your body moving. Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or just starting your fitness journey, the workout circuit will provide a fun and rewarding experience that leaves you feeling accomplished and energized.

We’ve also partnered with Greek Girl Goodies, a Dallas based food truck, to offer a healthy Mediterranean cuisine packed with flavor! The menu offers paper-thin slices of the best beef and lamb from all around Texas served in gyros, on top of a burger, or over a plate of golden-brown fries. However, you have it, rest assured your taste buds will thank you for this Mediterranean treat. And as you enjoy your delicious meal and mingle with others in the community, DJ John Tyler Dean will be playing classic tunes and chart-topping hits to set the mood and keep the energy high!

As we’re all trying to evolve into the best versions of ourselves, it can get difficult and we may need a little push. Gym communities offer accountability and encouragement, helping individuals stay consistent and committed to their fitness journey. Being part of a strong gym community can lead to improved physical health, mental resilience, and long-term adherence to fitness goals. It’s always nice to make a couple friends along the way too!

Don’t forget to join us for an evening packed with delicious food, positive vibes, and exhilarating fitness activities. Our mission is to revolutionize the sports and fitness world by gamifying sports and fitness with XR!

-Michael Tapia

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