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VR Accessories

VR Accessories

Virtual reality technology is constantly improving, becoming more sleek, more capable, and of course, more immersive. While the most iconic VR accessory is the VR headset, there are plenty of other accessories that work to enhance the VR experience. Let’s discuss a few of these VR accessories and how they are pushing the boundary of virtual reality.

Accessory List

VR Controllers: Second only to VR headsets, VR controllers are some of the most prolific and well known VR accessories. Controllers are what allow players to interact with the game, clicking buttons, picking things up, or even just designating the location of your hands in game. These controllers usually take the shape of sticks, but more unique controllers have been released lately for more specific use cases. For example, a gun stock controller has been released for shooting games and a table tennis paddle controller for, you guessed it, table tennis games.

VR Haptic Gloves: An advancement from the traditional VR controller, haptic gloves allow more advanced movement, immersion, and most importantly, feedback. Haptic gloves allow players to pick things up, move individual fingers, and feel what they are doing, adding a great deal to the VR experience.

VR Full Body Suits: One of the advancements I am most looking forward to is the mass production of VR full body suits. While not quite Ready Player One, this would be the biggest step toward providing a completely immersive VR experience where each and every movement a person makes could be translated to the virtual world. 

VR Treadmills: Unlike traditional treadmills, VR treadmills allow 360 degree movement, aiding in the player’s ability to interact with the virtual world. These omnidirectional treadmills don’t use a moving belt like regular treadmills, but instead utilize special footwear and a slick, slightly curved base to allow users to slide back to the center of the treadmill with each step! At thrivXR, we incorporate these treadmills as a part of our workouts, replacing the traditional treadmill and making cardio fun with a variety of action packed game modes.

Looking Ahead

VR is already here. While it isn’t perfect, it is usable and it is slowly creeping into the mainstream. Within the coming years, months, and even weeks, new developments will be occurring faster and faster as countless companies, individuals, and even governments work to make VR applicable for their specific use cases. 

If you want to learn about VR firsthand, come check out thrivXR! thrivXR is an extended reality fitness club that offers multiple VR and XR experiences. This includes VR treadmills where you can play a wide variety of games ranging from first person shooters that have you fighting zombies or pirates to music based games where you move to the beat.

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By Jacob Smith

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