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XR Yoga Tips and Tricks: Deep – Explore

XR Yoga Tips and Tricks: Deep – Explore

Welcome to the second installment of the Icaros Flyer / XR Yoga series and the first of the Deep game modes. In Explore, you dive deep underwater to take pictures of marine life! Today, we will be discussing how to find them all and enjoy your scuba diving journey!

Set Up

The first thing you need is a good set up. First, set the machine to the proper difficulty level using the dial on the bottom right side. Next, as you get on the machine, make sure to use the appropriate pegs for your height. Using pegs too far up or too far down can make the machine uncomfortable and awkward to use. Following this, ensure your shins and forearms are sitting comfortably against their respective rests. Now, go ahead and turn the small “switch” on the machine, allowing it to move freely not just forwards and backwards, but also tilting side to side. Finally, put on the VR headset. Check that you can see the game and that it is on firmly but comfortably.

Diving In

Once you have the game going, make sure to take note of the mini map at the bottom. This mini map will help guide you towards different creatures you will want to take pictures of. Be cognizant of the fact that even after taking a picture of an animal, it won’t disappear off the mini map so try to keep a mental checklist of where the animal is.

Watch your speed! Going too fast can make it easy to lose control. Move the speed up and down as needed to keep in full control of where you want to go and prevent any crashes.

Look in caves! Many of the marine life you are looking for reside within caves. Look for openings in the rock face that you can swim into and not only will you find some creatures, it’s super cool!

Don’t be afraid to just explore! One of the best parts of this mode is there is no pressure. Take your time to look around, just go for a swim, and look at the underwater rock structures. Maybe you’ll even find the submarine!


And that’s it! You’re ready to hop in and take your first dive into the Deep. Make sure to bring some real water, not virtual water, so you can rehydrate after you’re done. Don’t be afraid to hop back in after a short break. Each new dive feels fresh and exciting!

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by Jacob Smith

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